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DP 1550 idler pulley at angle

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  • DP 1550 idler pulley at angle


    I just purchased the DP 1550 and assembled it. Overall very nice finishing. Buuut....when I went to check the alignment of the pulleys I noticed the motor pully was much higher than the spindle pulley. Luckily before I did anything I put in the idler was angled!!

    I pulled the idler pulley out and checked that the rod was perpendicular to the wheels, it was. Putting it back in I could see that the last 1/2 inch of travel caused the pulley to tilt to the right side and toward the spindle pulley. No wonder the motor was mounted so high!

    I guess I can put washers in the bottom of the motor mount to get the pulley to match the angle of the idler, but I cant see how to align the spindle pulley. Right now the head vibrates a bit and I am afraid that this will cause excessive wear on the front belt.

    Advice? Should I return it and try another one or is this ok? I can see the belt has to bend a bit as it goes onto both pulleys.



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    Re: DP 1550 idler pulley at angle

    I would return it for another. If you can actually see misalignment with belt twisting, it's bad. You might think about it some and try to fix it up, but I have a bad feeling this drill press was damaged in shipping and/or handling. The spindle and intermediate pulleys must line up well and then you can deal with getting the motor shaft and pulley to line up.


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      Re: DP 1550 idler pulley at angle

      I had to go back and read the manual because I remember reading something about this. You have to align the motor pulley to the front spindle. The manual shows how to do this. Then make sure you have the short belt on the back and the longer belt in the front. Do this and let us know if you are still having issues.


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        Re: DP 1550 idler pulley at angle


        Without too much effort can you maybe post a few pictures showing the misalignment?