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Bosch PS30-2A vs. Ridgid R82007

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  • Bosch PS30-2A vs. Ridgid R82007

    *Added in the Millwaukee tool as well for a comparison*

    So, I felt the need for a small compact drill/driver to use when I'm doing installs and was honestly tired of lugging around my larger tools to do some work. I was walking through the local HD and came across the Ridgid R82007 and decided to pick it up. After looking around online I also noticed the Bosch PS30-2A. Ran to another local store and grabbed that one to compare them side by side. I also happened to have a brand new Milwaukee 2401-22 sitting in my shop to toss into the mix.


    Pro's: Smaller size than the Bosch, LLSA, power throughout all RPM ranges, around 50 bucks cheaper at your local store.
    Con's: Chuck sleeve could be better manufactured as it sits a little loosely on the tool, speed.


    Pro's: Nearly twice the RPM's, nearly twice the torque (in the slower gear).
    Con's: It's a little larger than the Ridgid, the torque in the higher RPM gear is nearly non-existant, a little more expensive.


    Pro's: Seems to fit a bit more comfortably in my hand, much shorter than the Bosch, battery life gauge.
    Con's: Lowest torque of the three, lowest speed of the three as well.

    All three tools weigh about the same, I belive the Bosch is about a half pound lighter, nothing really major there. The LED on the Ridgid is far brighter than the Bosch and is about the same as the Milwaukee, although all of them need to be placed in a different location similar to the LED ring that the Bosch PS40 has. The killer for the 2401-22 was the slow speed and having the lowest torque out of all three tools. For my situation it looks like the Ridgid is the keeper for me. The Ridgid Lifetime Service Agreement is also a large bonus for using the Ridgid tool. I'll probably play around with all of them some more before one gets returned.

    Any questions on either of these three compact drill/drivers feel free to ask me while I still have both of them sitting in front of me.
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    Re: Bosch PS30-2A vs. Ridgid R82007

    None. Thanks very much for the info. You may have prompted me to post a comparison between the Ridgid's new R963 18v lithium 5 pc cordless combo and Makita's new LXT 416 4 pc 18 v lithium set which I both had out for a bit.


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      Re: Bosch PS30-2A vs. Ridgid R82007 vs. Milwaukee 2401-22

      I disagree. The ridgid chuck is very poorly made, the one I tested thwe wobble was the worst I have ever seen , tool is odd in shape and just feels wrong, and the tool is barely useable as a drill b/c of slow rpm. I still like my 12v Ridgid Nicad. for drilling needs. I would add a PS30 if I wanted a compact. I use the ps 2o all the time, great tool for driving. The torque is not an issue with drilling small holes, you want higher speed. You would not drive in hi anyway. LSA, I will refrain from that issue.


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        Re: Bosch PS30-2A vs. Ridgid R82007

        From what I've seen the PS30-2A is a much better tool than the R82007. Popular Mechanics even included it in their 18 volt cordless drill comparison (including Ridgid R86006) here:

        They should have used the new 14.4 or 18 Bosch lithiums which would have blown everyone else away. Kind of crappy of them to put a compact 12V against 18 & 19.2 V drills and say it's under powered...
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