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  • Ts3659/ts3660

    I am looking at the TS3650 or TS3660 table saw for my small shop located in the basement. I am currently using a Bosch 4000 worksite table saw. I really want a full size table saw but I am somewhat space limited. Would any owners of the TS3650 or 3660 please provide with me the dimensions of the saw - length and width (also take into account the motor hanging off the back of the saw). The specification sheet on the HD website doesn't provide enough information.

    Also, are the "woodworking shows" a good place for deals on the Ridgid table saw? There is one coming up in Indianapolis in a few weeks. Ridgid is one of the show's exhibitors.

    Thanks for your help.

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    Re: Ts3659/ts3660

    The width from the left side of the saw to the end of the rails on the right is 64 1/2" and the distance from the front rail to the back of the motor is 40".
    Here is the link to the manual but it doesn't give measurements that I could find


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      Re: Ts3659/ts3660

      If you're space constrained, the more modern design of a hybrid saw will takes up less space by moving the motor inside the cabinet, yet provides the same size table surface. Jet, Delta, Craftsman, Shop Fox, Steel City, General International, Grizzly, Sunhill, DeWalt, and Ridgid all offer hybrid saws now.

      Check into the brand new Ridgid R4511 that's available currently at only woodworking show's on sale for $539, but is due out in stores any time now for $599. It shows a lot of promise for a $600 saw.
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