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    I have two requests for thoughts from the respectable membership of this forum.


    Have a short list of dust collectors I will be choosing from within the next few days. I like Delta 50-760 but as some owners point out, the plastic collection bag is proprietary and must be bought from Delta at cool $30!. That's quite pricey. I am considering models from other manufacturers then.

    Unfortunately, all other collectors I am looking use an engin mount different from Delta. Delta's is horizontal with the inlets installable facing up or down. I gather that if the inlet faces up then this offers two benefits:

    - the DC will use about 12" less space in my one car garage (elbowing up a 6" pipe and some clearance will take about that much)
    - the main duct will be shorter by 3 to 4 feet.

    I have been thinking about getting a DC in which the inlets are at the bottom and on a side, detaching the motor unit from the base and attaching it to a bracket on a wall. A flex hose from the motor/fan would then connect to where it normally connects (between the collector and filter bags). I included a clumsy drawing explaining what I plan to do).

    'cept for, possibly, defaulting on warranty, I can't think of any drawbacks. But then, I didn't think about drawbacks of a lot of things I did in life. Any thoughts?


    I am looking at a DC from Trademaster. It's a Canadian brand. Anybody with any experience, thoughts about a DC from Trademaster.

    The specs (some perhaps too optimistic) are as follows:

    - Dual voltage (110V or 220V)
    - Upper 1 micron filter bag
    - Single 5" diameter inlet
    - Y adaptor included for dual 4" diameter inlets
    - Compact design for portability
    - Motor: 16A @ 110V or 7.8A @ 220V
    - Air speed: 1790 CFM

    I know I ain't getting 1790 CFM from that puppy but I hope for 1200 to 1300.

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    Re: DC mod

    The Delta DC you speak of, is it this one?

    I have the model 50-850A which also uses a plastic chip collection bag. The bag is nothing more than a heavy plastic bag, there is nothing special about it other than its a heavy bag, maybe 5 or 6 mill thick. Get yourself a metal 30 gal trashcan and a dust seperator lid to fit the can and put that upstream of the DC inlet. This will grab the big stuff and most of the sawdust too (it's more efficient if you keep it under 50% full). The plastic bag that comes with the DC can be reused. My DC came with two bags, I have yet to use the second bag after over 2 years.
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      Re: DC mod

      Originally posted by Bob D. View Post
      The Delta DC you speak of, is it this one?
      Yes, that's the one and the reviews place it on top of food chain within that class. I have been indeed wondering about the plastic bag, and if indeed I could not (if needed) replace it in fact with a bag from another manufacturer. After all I won't be sending my DC to a fashion show. By then again, no experience with DCs so I prefer to ask.

      My duct work will look somewhat like the drawing attached (plan view). Will 1200 CFM cut it?

      Thank you for your response.
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      In order to understand recursion, one must first understand recursion.