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Ridgid Compound miter saw VS. Porter Cable

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  • Ridgid Compound miter saw VS. Porter Cable

    I have a 3 year old Porter Cable 12" compound miter saw with twin lasers. Today, my right laser died. I called the service center and they quoted me 77 stinking dollars for ONE lazer bulb!!!(cash and carry, I install it!)
    I pitched a fit and then called PC directly. Same thing, seventy seven stinking dollars for ONE bulb! I let them know my dis-pleasure with getting screwed on the cost, since a pair of them is about 40% of buying a new saw.

    I checked the Ridgid line at home depot and they have a 12" compound miter saw with laser for $299. My question, is this a single or double laser model. The description does not specify one or two, OR If the laser covers both sides of the blade. Does anyone have one that knows? (having only one side lit up kinda sucks)




    After all my ranting and whining to the service center and to Porter Cable corporate, (no one budged on the price!), I took a shot at blowing up towards the two bulbs with my blowgun. Guess what.......the right side is now showing fine. Guess it had a little sawdust booger on it or something.........But.........I could see it fine and it was as bright as the left one. Oh well, it's all better, just hope it never does go bad! (huge sigh!!!)
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    Re: Ridgid Compound miter saw VS. Porter Cable

    i believe this saw is still being sold in HD stores for $249. it has one laser line, but it is adjustable.
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