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  • Drill battery upgrade

    I own Ridgid's 12-volt, low-profile impact wrench. I even reviewed the tool in the reviewing section a while back. Good tool.

    However, one complaint I had involved the low torque compared to typical, standard 18-volt impact wrenches. I mentioned this limitation on two other woodworking review sites. Fortunately, with the kind of use I give the tool low torque is not a big problem.

    Anyway, one respondent indicated that one could substitute Ridgid's 14.4 volt battery with this tool and get more impact power. He indicated that he had been using the tool this way with jobsite work for some time and that others had done much the same thing, and the tools experienced no problems with this solution.

    I probably will stick with my 12-volt packs, using my 18-volt wrenches for high-impact work, but I am curious to get some expert opinions on this. Obviously, a failure this way would void the warranty, except that there is really no way the company could determine if a warranty violation had taken place is a busted tool was turned in for repair or exchange.

    Howard Ferstler

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    Re: Drill battery upgrade

    Howard, I got the same good advice here, and have been using the 14.4 volt battery for my 12 volt Ridgid right angle impact driver. My complaint was that the 12volt battery seemed to drain down very fast while using the tool and a higher amp hour battery was needed. Well, the 14.4 volt is a much higher AH battery and the tool has been working just fine. I don't use the right angle driver professionally and when I do use it, I run it for a few minutes at a time. I don't know how a 12volt drill would hold up under the higher voltage but if the person who gave you the advice said it was okay, I believe him. Good upgrade and well worth the money. Good luck.