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"Fused" table saw blade

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  • "Fused" table saw blade

    I have a Ridgid table saw that I bought new about a year ago. I have used it minimally, not firing up more than 50 times. I am now wanting to change blades to go from the standard blade to a finer tooth count. I couldn't get the blade loose. Since I am a senior toolbelt diva, I called my 280 lb neighbor for help and it still won't budge. I am told it may have "fused." "Happens all the time."

    Now what??

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    Re: "Fused" table saw blade

    Is the nut stuck or the nut is off but the blade is stuck?

    Just in case, the blade NUT Is backwards thread. That's so it doesn't spin loose when you are cutting.

    If the nut is off and the blade is stuck, a few light taps close to the arbor shaft my loosen it up.

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