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Why did retailers clear out their V28 inventories

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    Re: Why did retailers clear out their V28 inventories

    Tyman, have you actually read the Milwaukee warranty?
    The first 1000 charges or 2 years of the warranty, whichever first occurs, are covered through free replacement of the defective battery. This means that for the earlier of the first 1000 charges or two (2) years from the date of purchase/first charge, a replacement battery will be provided to the customer for any defective battery free of charge. Thereafter, the remaining charges up to a total of 2000 or the remainder of the five (5) year period from the date of purchase, whichever first occurs, will be covered on a pro rata basis. This means that every customer gets an additional 1000 charges or three (3) years of pro rata warranty on the V-technology LITHIUM-ION Battery Pack and XC LITHIUM-ION Battery Pack depending upon the amount of use.
    Let me explain how this works. After 1000 cycles your battery is going to lose 80% or more of it's capacity. This comes from their battery manufacturer data sheet, so take it as a fact. After 1000 cycles they will take a LIST PRICE of the new battery, which is around $200, and prorate it by the number of charges you have left before you hit 2000. So if you somehow manage to get 1500 cycles (good luck with that), they will SELL you a new battery for $100, or 50% of the list price since you used 1000 cycles from full warranty and 500 cycles of the remaining 1000 pro-rated warranty.

    Also notice that they explicitly mention "defective" battery. Wear is not a defect and YOU CAN wear your battery down way before even 500 cycles if you drive it heavily, like in a circular saw.

    Milwaukee counts on your ignorance to lure you in.

    That being said, Dewalt guarantees batteries for 2 (two) years regardless of number of cycles, with no gimmicks and proration. They didn't even bother putting in a charge counter inside their batteries because their Li-Ion can withstand 1500 cycles easily.

    Also, I don't see how they expect me to take them seriously with a 1-year warranty.
    Also, Dewalt warranty is actually 3 years, 1 year is unconditional wear-and-tear warranty. If your motor burns out after 2.5 years, they will fix it for free, but if you grind the outside of your drill chuck smooth, they won't. No manufacturer will after 1 year, some don't even cover that.

    ErikReppen, I really can't make any comments because you sound like someone who used only a handful of tools and the rest comes from hearsay.

    I actually used many brands in rainy conditions, and trust me, dewalt's NiCD and Li-Ion packs have a lot less holes in them than any other brand.

    I can't argue about the aesthetics because everybody has his own taste.

    As for durability, if you even been on a real industrial construction site, you will see that most of the trades use DeWalt and have very old, scuffed and worn impacts and drills and they are still kicking like new.


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      Re: Why did retailers clear out their V28 inventories

      Yeah, that was the Milwaukee I was saying clearly had a problem with moisture, not Dewalt. Dewalt's only problem is that it appears to be mediocre by and large or at least of mixed enough quality that it's hard to separate the good stuff from the B&D grade stuff.


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        Re: Why did retailers clear out their V28 inventories

        With 36V DeWalt, you really have to watch the worklight. The 36V packs don't automatically cut the cells off when they go below a set level (this I have to say isan oversight of DeWalt's, but don't know if they have fixed this since). If you leave the light on and forget it, the cells will discharge to the point where they will have trouble charging again. I've done this. Immediately after, the charger showed an error. After a day or so, and continuous attempts to recharge, it was eventually able to recharge fully. Haven't seen any detriment to the battery since.

        With the regular power tools this is not an issue, since you naturally switch to a new battery when the tool slows down. The battery never gets a change to discharge that far. The problem with the worklight is that it's easy to forget when you leave it on.

        Fortunately the A123 cells are very stable under deep discharge. Normal lithium ion cells will destruct themselves. Which is why consumer electronics have careful monitoring to shut the cells off before discharging too much.

        Originally posted by Avanzi View Post
        Wartex - Instructions in the manual on use of batteries and charger state you don't have to charge the batteries out of the box. So I don't know that the "overdischarged" battery should be an issue and show defective battery.


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          Re: Why did retailers clear out their V28 inventories

          Originally posted by ErikReppen View Post
          None of my local dealers carry this stuff
          FYI: One of the LOCAL HD has begun stocking the Milwaukee V28 power tools. They have dedicated shelf space, V28 drill + reciprocating saw on display and signs promoting the Milwaukee line up even though the new 12" SCMS is currently out of stock. A hand written sign states the V28 power tools are in stock and available for purchase.
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            Re: Why did retailers clear out their V28 inventories

            Originally posted by lurch View Post
            Depending on what your needs are/tool preferences, the 24 volt Ridgid set being cleared out now at HD is a smokin' deal, especially if you can find a MaxSelect circular saw, planer, jigsaw, caulking gun, radio, etc. to go along with it. Hope you get the LSA, because you will need it at some point.

            But as far as Milwaukee V28 being cleared out and the M18 having just as much power, the short answer is NO and NO to both questions/statements. I never stated that they had the same power. Anyone with a brain should be able to determine one would have more than the other.
            Not going to get in a a big fight over this but I have to say that I do know what I am talking about regardless of the BS that you want to believe. DeWalt is the ONLY manufacturer that has not had to change their lithium formula and they have the exact same formula in all 3 lithium platforms they have on the market. If you take time to understand the actual facts such as weight and size like pointed out above you might actually learn something. But I understand it is easier to read stuff online that is posted by people who like to use blogs and forums to complain and *****. An extra ounce in weight is a great trade off when you have to have the extra power that is produced by a 36V tool. I don't think an ounce is a TON!!!
            Originally posted by tinmack View Post
            No need to get nasty - although it seems all you do is hang around a Ridgid sponsored forum and talk trash about tools manufactured by the sponsor. Kinda like having Thanksgiving dinner with a relative you hate.

            Regardless, you were incorrect about the line being removed due to battery composition/whatever. The V28 was never regular stock Home Depot - I'm sure the 18 volt line is more palatable to the customer.

            As far as the 18 volt having as much power, the original thread poster implied that, and I was responding to him indirectly towards the end of my post, and was not directing the response to you.

            Why don't you and your fellow yellow-bleeder Wartex find a room some place so you can do some "testing" on your beloved Nano batteries.

            'Cause I don't think anybody else really gives a sh!t otherwise.
            Allow me to step into the fray ( ).

            You're both kind of right. As far as Tinmack states, that's sort of the way it is up here. For us, north of the Great Lakes, the Milwaukee V28 was a "promo" product line for us in Canadian HD stores (or so we've been told by orange aprons up here). At my local HD, when I first saw these items, I checked them out, and my knowledgeable pro-desk buddy informed me that they were going to be regular stock items for you guys in the U.S., but not for us.

            So, not to make due for anybody getting their tails in a knot, but gents, please keep in mind the vastly varying locales that we're each in. The original poster is in Chi-town, I believe. So, what one person is being told by HD/tool reps in one area, can be massively different from what the information stream is spitting out in another area.

            A grain of salt, if you will. Okay - back to the love fest...