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Compressor Won't stop

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  • Compressor Won't stop

    Hi there, I'm new to the forum and have a question. I just fired up my RIDGID OF45150A compressor (4.5 gal/ twin tank/ oil free) and it won't stop running. It continues to build pressure until the relief valve opens.

    Any ideas?


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    Re: Compressor Won't stop

    A) Pull the plug and leave it pulled as this is a SAFETY issue and you need not have EEEEK day and KABOOM

    B) Most likely the pressure switch is stuck and needs to be replaced. You need to match it up with the one on it as far as specs go but you can (sometimes) cross it to the company and model it really is. Look inside and also on the cover for nameplate or labels.

    How old is your air compressor? If almost new return it for a swap at Home Depot. If you've had it some time and want it back quick then I would look in your yellow pages under Compressors - Air & Gas and find a place that services portables. To replace the pressure switch and check it over should not take long for a good tech to do.

    Furnace Electric and Square D make many, many quality pressure switches. I'm sure one would make a great replacement for your's. The problem is not having the old one here to match it up to.
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      Re: Compressor Won't stop

      RIDGID part #CW211300AJ (17908)



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        Re: Compressor Won't stop

        thanks - is this a DIY job? (I'm pretty handy)

        where do I look?


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          Re: Compressor Won't stop

          It worries me that you can't identify the pressure switch but you want to replace it yourself. Maybe you are not handy enough to do this particular job. And I say that with all respect as you don't want to create a bomb out of your compressor.

          You did not answer the Q as to how old the compressor is so I am thinking you think it is out of warranty. If it's less than 3 years old I would still call and talk to Customer Service and see what they say.

          Unless you buy the replacement switch from RIDGID (which is highly recommended) you need to match up the current rating of the switch, the pressure rating of the switch and the operating range (cut in/out) as well as physical characteristics.
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            Re: Compressor Won't stop

            sorry I didn't reply I got the compressor in the fall of 2005, so yes, warranty is expired - and, no offense taken about my abilities. on the other hand, am currently restoring a car and have regularly had someone talk me through a new adventure via the internet