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Generators!!!! What one to buy?

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  • Generators!!!! What one to buy?

    I am researching the purchase of a gas generator. I love the reliability of honda engines and would really like a honda engine in the generator I purchase.
    There are many generator brands that feature honda motors and then there are honda generators. A honda generator is up to twice the price of other generator brands that feature honda motors. Why is this? Are they that much better than a Wacker or Coleman Powermate and other brands or are you just paying for the name? Maybe they have a better generator and other electrical components?

    FYI I am buying this for backup at the cottage and at home to run a sump pump, furnace should we get a power failure. In all likelyhood I may never even need to use it.


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    Re: Generators!!!! What one to buy?

    You should be able to do one better than a HONDA package by buying a great HONDA engine powering a Gillette (Real USA) generator and for less $$$ too. You'll have nice clean power for running electronics as needed. Now if $$$ isn't too much of a factor the real HONDA inverter-generators (3000 Watt and up) are super nice and also very quiet. The problem is that motor starting isn't that great with any Honda of a given size and the generator part isn't made for abuse. A Gillette generator has great motor starting and can withstand overloading well.

    Please do yourself a favor and stay clear of Coleman junkers. They might be OK for light use but if you ever really need it to get down and work hard it will poop out on you.

    VERY IMPORTANT HINT: Get with an electrician to help figure the correct rating for your needs. A 2000 Watt will NOT start both a furnace and a big sump pump. Think about other things like freezers and lights. Add up all items and also starting current needed.
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      Re: Generators!!!! What one to buy?

      My experience has been that Honda generators are far and away the absolute best there are. I have used them for years. They start on the first or second pull every time. The generator component is the best. Every contractor in my area uses Hondas exclusively. Construction workers are exceptionally hard on equipment and the Hondas last. I have seen them covered with ice and still producing power. I have seen them dropped off trucks and out of hoe buckets and they start and run. They are bullet proof. Expensive? Yes. Worth the money?* For sure. I wouldn't consider buying anything else.
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        Re: Generators!!!! What one to buy?

        If anyone needs up to 3000 Watts at 120 Volts and wants QUIET this Honda will about blow your mind.

        If you do go for anything be sure to price shop around. Motor Cycle dealers = High Prices. Check more at equipment dealers and big rental yards as some also sell them new.

        Normally this model is $1,995 but I can buy it local (my area) for only $1,709 (cash only) through a good local rental yard. Sales tax runs 6.0% here regardless so they would end up costing me a total of 2,114.70 or 1,811.54 for a savings to me of $303.16 which I can apply towards a transfer switch which is a real MUST for any standby use of a portable (or stationary) generator. You need a good electrician to install it.

        OR you can run heavy duty extension cords, but then you're limited on what you can run.

        NEVER even dream of back feeding into your electrical system. The result can be death and / or serious property damages.
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