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Bought used saw ts24120 need help

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  • Bought used saw ts24120 need help

    I just bought a table saw from a yard sale. I love love this unit but I have a problem when I needed to change the blade. but can't find out how to hold the blade while taking off the nut. The back washer or sleeve don't have slots to hold so you can't use another wrench. Is there a locking pin that I can't locate on this unit. please help I need to change my blade.

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    Re: Bought used saw ts24120 need help

    Does it come with a manual and complete with the two (2) original wrenches?

    I have the same TS, no issue to unlock the nut / washer for blade change. There are hex nuts located on both sides of the blade, we use the two wrenches, one is to hold and the other one is to loosen the nut.


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      Re: Bought used saw ts24120 need help

      Just get yourself a leather work glove and grab the blade with a gloved hand. Another method be to use a piece of lumber braced against the front of the blades teeth to stop it from rotating.

      When reinstalling the arbor nut after you've changed blades, just snug it up to the blade. Over tightening the arbor nut is not necessary at all.
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