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TS3660 power switch

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  • TS3660 power switch

    I am finding I don't like the placement of the power switch. I think putting it on the left side would be more convenient. If you look at pics of other table saws most seem to be located on the left.
    Also I am thinking of replacing it with something like this:

    What do you all think?

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    Re: TS3660 power switch

    Is the 3660 different from earlier models of the RIDGID contractor saw? With my 3612, I can mount the switch pretty much wherever I want to along the front rail. All I needed to do when I assembled the saw was to decide which side to mount the switch to then slide it along the rail to the position I wanted it to be in. I have mine mounted on the LH side of my saw.
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      Re: TS3660 power switch

      You can mount the switch wherever you want along the rail. I moved the switch on my 3660 to the left side, which is more convenient for me. When you remount the switch, watch the wires so they aren't too close to the belt.


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        Re: TS3660 power switch

        I did the same thing as Sawdust, mine is on the left side, because I figured I would usually be standing on that side of the fence.


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          Re: TS3660 power switch

          It seems it would be safer on the left side. I find myself standing to the left of most cuts (well, the ones I have made in the week I've had the saw...)


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            Re: TS3660 power switch

            I had mine on the right for over a year, and found that I always had to reach under the wood whenever I had a feed problem and had to shut down the saw. I moved it to the left and feel it is now much safer.

            The Grizzly switch you linked to has no key to pull out (which may not be a player if you don't have young-ins, etc) but does have a larger paddle. I think it is also a magnetic switch, so would not automatically start up if the power cut off with it in the on position (this is the best kind to have), but I could not find that in the specs.

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