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rigid ms 12501 power miter saw

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  • rigid ms 12501 power miter saw

    i purchased this used awhile ago.ever since i've had it it vibrates for a couple of seconds every time you go to make a cut.just enough to screw up your cut has sufficient power but this is getting annoying.any ideas.thanks ernie.

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    Re: rigid ms 12501 power miter saw

    no one has sen this problem i guess??


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      Re: rigid ms 12501 power miter saw

      Try installing a new saw blade. If the blade is "original" to your acquisition it may be
      out of balance, bent tooth, DAMAGED.

      Get a good quality blade and at least 40 teeth

      Cactus Man


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        Re: rigid ms 12501 power miter saw

        i have changed the change arbor is not soon as you first hit the trigger it hums/vibrates right through the handle etc.leaving you having to let it run a couple seconds before it is smooth enough to hit your cut line.the speed seems to be faster when it smooths out.


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          Re: rigid ms 12501 power miter saw

          The only other direction I'd go is to inspect the brushes.
          I don't want to get into trouble here but is it possible the motor shaft is damaged or bent?

          Trying to cut something beyond the tool's ability or forcing the cut may have caused this anomaly.

          With the saw unplugged and off, manually spin the blade. Does it bind? If the guard assembly is out of alignment or warped, when the blade spins slowly it may be hindered by the guard.

          As the blade spins faster it settles down and the imperfection is not as obvious.

          I had such a challenge with a chop saw. It turned out to be the blade was rubbing on the guard during start up.

          Good luck and please report back when you find a solution.

          Cactus Man

          P.S. You indicate you bought the saw used..Thus you may not have an accurate history of the saw. Perhaps it was abused, defective out of the box, or worse yet "dropped". If you can't identify the problem I'd suggest you take it to a service center. It may have been sold used as the original owner realized repair was not cost effective.
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