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  • TS3660 asseccories

    I just bought a TS3660.

    for the zero clearance plate and dado plate, where can i find these?

    will the ones for the sears saws fit this saw?

    Any other place a good place for asseccorries, or is there a particular sears model or something that will accept the same asseccories?


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    Re: TS3660 asseccories

    You can make your own. If you search for zero clearance plate on the net you will find more than one site to show you how.
    I have bought the ones from amazon that the following link will take you to. They are of heavy construction and fit perfectly. You can buy the blank and make the type clearance you need.
    Wood magazine has a site that also has a video to show how to make the throat plates. I tried the others that are white and they warp.


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      Re: TS3660 asseccories

      Your 3660 is in most repsects similar to the 3650. See this thread for more info on the 3650 and 3660 saws.
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        Re: TS3660 asseccories

        Model 949 Zero Clearance Insert
        ================================================== ====
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