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14" bandsaw question....

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  • 14" bandsaw question....

    I recently picked up a Delta (I know, not Ridgid) 14" bandsaw.

    I have an AC99550 HercULift+ caster set that I wanted to try using for it. I see it mounts on the Ridgid bandsaw by the included brackets, but since I have a Delta stand the mounting holes arent pre-drilled.

    My question is for anyone that has the 14" high off the ground are the mounting holes for the casters? Seeing as how the brackets are included, Im thinking I can get the whole thing to work like Ridgid intended, I just need to know where to drill those holes.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Re: 14" bandsaw question....

    Might the information you're looking for be in the instructions that came with the Herc-u-Lift Plus? I was under the impression that the Plus was kind of a universal mobile base that could adapt to many different tools. Seems only logical that they would include that information with the unit.

    Looking at my 3612 table saw, it appears that the holes are not drilled at the same height on the front side of the front and back legs as they are on the sides of the legs. Let me know if you'd like me to give you more precise measurements but I'm not 100% sure those would be correct for your situation. The Herc-u-Lift for the TS and the Plus are not identical in design.
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      Re: 14" bandsaw question....

      The exact numbers are not with the manual, but ocne opened I realized the brackets hook under the feet of the legs, which means that the holes to drill are set by wherever the brackets end up.

      Problem now is the slot that Delta pre-cut into the legs, Id have to widen it to match where the Ridgid bracket attaches. not sure if that becomes a structural issue or not. If they left the legs a solid piece, it would just be a matter of drilling another hole in the correct spot.

      Im sure I can make it work somehow!!


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        Re: 14" bandsaw question....

        Super Glue and Duct Tape can fix any problem in the shop!!!
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          Re: 14" bandsaw question....

          I recently picked up a Delta (I know, not Ridgid) 14" bandsaw.
          Well, don't feel bad, cause you made a good move.

          The RIDGID BS is not known for winning ANY contest except maybe
          one where you are trying to simulate an earthquake.
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