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Ridgid 13 inch portable planer r4330

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  • Ridgid 13 inch portable planer r4330

    Anybody have any experience with this planer? What are the pros/cons/etc.

    Been keeping an eye out for a deal on a planer, my local HD has this one on sale for $299CAN, marked down from $499CAN.
    I'm on "The List" and I love it!!

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    Re: Ridgid 13 inch portable planer r4330

    i have it and i like it a lot. A lot of people have posted about the lack of a spindle lock. Frankly i have never experienced an issue as a result of that.

    Indi-Cut feature makes it real easy to know how much you are taking off ahead of time.

    Love the feature that lets you set a max depth of cut. makes it easy to duplicate thickness across multiple boards.

    Overall a real nice tool. Well powered. Nice sharp knives right out of the box.

    Took a little bit to get the infeed and outfeed tables adjusted but once you do it all but eliminates snipe.

    Hope that helps,


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      Re: Ridgid 13 inch portable planer r4330

      I upgraded to this model from the 1300 and have been very pleased. Definately provides a smoother cut than what the sawmill can give me and the 1300, I know there is one more blade but I there is a noticable difference between the two. Only con I had with this model is that fact that it doesn't come with a stand, that may or may not be an issue with you. If it is look around your local Home Depot for stands from display models (either 1300 or the older 12" miter saw - bigger footprint on this stand but nicer height). I offered to buy one they had and they only asked $15.00