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Anybody remember Macy's power tools?

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  • Anybody remember Macy's power tools?

    Just got another vintage power tool. Shabbier shape than the Craftsman (which is probably 15-20 years younger) but no dents and it works. Very small 1/4" drill with a Jacobs chuck. Haven't tried it yet but I don't think it's a variable. I'm guessing 50s. Macy's supre-macy brand.

    There is NO information anywhere on these things and the serial number is something like 65H, which suggests they weren't planning on selling a lot of these. Just wondering if I scored an item they did a test market on and then scrapped. The info plate has the 34th street address on it.

    3 bucks. Bet it's worth more in 20 years, especially if Macy's goes belly up.

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    Re: Anybody remember Macy's power tools?

    got a picture?
    Push sticks/blocks Save Fingers
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