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ridgid r841150 1/2" cordless drill

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  • ridgid r841150 1/2" cordless drill

    Could somebody please instruct me into the removal of this 1/2" chuck (ridgid R841150 drill & Jacobs 700 series1/16-1/2 chuck). I,ve removed the screw from inside the chuck, but not sure of what's still holding it on. Don't want to force anything and damage the drill. TIA G.J.

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    Re: ridgid r841150 1/2" cordless drill

    Once you get the reverse threaded screw inside of the chuck out, the chuck unscrews in the standard right hand direction. It's pressed in tightly though and with use it really gets set hard in place. The trick is to get the largest hex wrench that will fit in the chuck and tighten it with the short end in the chuck and the long end of the wrench sticking out. Give it a few sharp blows with a hammer and it could come off. Unfortunately sometimes the chucks are so tight this will not work. The last chuck I removed I had to disassemble the drill so I could manage to clamp the spindle in a vice to break the chuck free. I've also heard some people give it a few whacks with an impact wrench (the big ones, not and impact driver) to bust it free.