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24V LION Battery Trouble

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  • 24V LION Battery Trouble

    I have one battery that goes dead after being fully charged when it hits any resistance while drilling. I returned the combo kit and got a new kit and one of the batteries is know doing the same thing. It goes dead and starts to click. Are there any known problems with the 24V LION batteries?

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    Re: 24V LION Battery Trouble

    There have been occasional reported battery failures of many manufacturers and voltages including the 24V LI batts. You don't say how old these batteries are. Regardless I suggest the following.
    1-Try cycling the battery through a couple of charge cycles. At times the process doesn't hook up and the battery won't be charged correctly.
    2-If the above doesn't work and the set is under 90 days old, return the entire set to HD as you did before. If it is older than 90 days take the entire set to an authorised Ridgid service center. If you have more than one in your area I would suggest calling to determine if they have any replacement 24V batteries in stock.
    Good luck and let us know how things work out. Thats how we keep each other informed on this forum.....Ray