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R3030 Fuego Reciprocating Saw

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  • R3030 Fuego Reciprocating Saw

    Real nice machine, but mine just stopped. Checked the brushes...OK.... Sounds like it wants to go but just buzzes when I pull the trigger. Let it cool off... Nothing.

    Any ideas. If it wasn't under the lifetime warranty I'd tear it apart and see what the problem is.

    If not I guess I'll have to drive over to the repair shop in Gaithersburg.

    I'm going to dig the booklet out and look later at the parts diagram. I've got a big DeWalt I switched to for now.

    Looked at the parts diagram and I figure it's something to do with # 5 or # 8. That's where the rotary action of the motor is converted to linear action of the blade. Something must be jammed. I see a gear on top of # 8. I just wonder if it's steel or some kind of nylon.

    I'm 1 month past my 90 return with Home Depot so I guess I'll have to take it to the repair shop. I've actually only used it for about 2 hours total cutting 1/2" plywood.
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    Re: R3030 Fuego Reciprocating Saw

    How about some specific details?
    What were you cutting?
    did it stop in mid cut?
    Did you verify the outlet it was plugged into is OK?
    Remember it's only rated at 4 amps and will not do what the sawzall can do!

    Perhaps the plug failed and needs to be replaced? does it light up when you plug it in?

    I recently purchased one and I'm very pleased with the tool. Of course I also have a "real" 11amp rated reciprocating saw for those big jobs.

    Typically motor brushes for such a tool should last for years!

    Give us more information and perhaps a solution can be found

    Cactus Man


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      Re: R3030 Fuego Reciprocating Saw

      Just cutting 1/2 plywood. It just stopped. Plug is OK. 15 amp circuit. Light comes on in the machine when I pull the trigger and the motor buzzes like it wants to go. I had only been using it sporadically for about 20 minutes.

      The parts diagram doesn't show what the parts are in the housing that changes the rotary to the linear action of the saw. Just a housing marked #5 and #8.

      The only reason I bought this thing is that it's so handy. I'm using my DeWalt now. When I get some time I'll drive over and drop it off at the repair center in Gaithersburg. That's 30 miles. Inconvenient. I'm sure I could fix this thing, but if I take it apart I'm sure they'll void the warranty when I ask them to send me the part that's broken. Wonder how much the repair shop charges Rigid in labor to repair something under warranty. I'm sure it's a lot more than them just sending me the part. I'd almost bet that they charge for labor at least what the price of the saw is. $99.

      I got a Rigid Jig Saw and the little plastic blade guide broke. After lots of emails and phone calls someone eventually sent me one. The Gaithersburg guys wanted me to bring the Saw over to their repair center. Rigid initially said that they'll ship the part, but I'd have to pay $8 for shipping. For a part that weighs about 1/2 a gram. Eventually some guy at Rigid sent me 2 in an envelope.


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        Re: R3030 Fuego Reciprocating Saw

        Dang. I'm in luck. There is now a repair facility less than a mile from me. No more long drives to get these things fixed.


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          Re: R3030 Fuego Reciprocating Saw

          I would take it back since you only had it for a month. Maybe a lemon with other things that could be wrong.


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            Re: R3030 Fuego Reciprocating Saw

            Took it to the repair shop. The field magnets on the inside of the motor housing came unglued and destroyed the armature. They put a new motor in. Only took them 3 days. No charge since it was under warranty.

            But I'm guessing they charged Ridgid more than the $99 price of the original saw. Tools that aren't under warranty get a $45 charge just for the diagnostic fee.


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              Re: R3030 Fuego Reciprocating Saw

              My suggestion is to take it back if you only had it for a month and not get it repaired unless you have had it more than 90 days. You won't have to wait unless its out of stock and you never know about the repair shop. I'm thinking of getting the cordless version of so let us know what you think of it after your have used it for a while.



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                Re: R3030 Fuego Reciprocating Saw

                I've used it a bit since I got it back from the repair shop with no problem. I'm thinking that maybe since it's so small you have to treat it gently. No demolition type stuff. I'll use my Dewalt for the tuff stuff and the Ridgid for trim. It sure is a handy little thing though.