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R175RNA roofing nailer

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  • R175RNA roofing nailer

    I need to rebuild my gun but don't want to buy the whole kit. I leaks air at trigger. Can't I just purchase a seal and o ring? Thanks- Steve

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    Re: R175RNA roofing nailer

    Not sure, they do list quite a few individual parts...

    Here's a link to and your roofing nailer...

    The link is long hope it works

    If not then you can track down your nailer from this page ->

    Cheers! - Jim
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      Re: R175RNA roofing nailer

      You probably can purchase an "O" ring or seal or whatever. I will note that all Ridgid nailers are covered under the Limited Lifetime service agreement which includes replacement of "O" rings and other normal maintainence items.
      Click here for list of service centers:


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        Re: R175RNA roofing nailer

        Thanks for the info. So I can just take it to a service center and they fix it for free? Parts and labor?- Steve


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          Re: R175RNA roofing nailer

          Yes, they'll fix it no charge; assuming that you registered for the LSA...
          I picked up my roofing nailer off eBay, so I'm S.O.L. for the LSA. (However, the price I paid- less than 50% of retail, plus taxes, will more than offset the cost of a set 'o' rings) :P