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Just purchased Ridgid Jigsaw 3121?

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  • Just purchased Ridgid Jigsaw 3121?

    but, could someone please tell me if the jigsaw has a delay when you pull the trigger? Mine has about a 2 second delay before it starts running. Is this normal? Thanks, Brian

    OK, I just spoke with a Ridgid Technician and the model #R3121 (made in China, which is just as good if not better and more advanced than the R3120 made in Germany) is a safety precaution, which has about a 2 sec. delay in the trigger startup. So this IS NORMAL! Just letting everyone know in case you think there is something wrong with it.

    I used this jigsaw early this morning and it is an EXCELLENT jigsaw, does evrything it's supposed to do and more! Also, it is the 2008 consumer reports best performance jigsaw of all the ones tested. The DeWalt was the best value saw for the money.
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    Re: Just purchased Ridgid Jigsaw 3121?

    Does it slowly spin up or just just starts fast after 2 seconds?
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      Re: Just purchased Ridgid Jigsaw 3121?

      Is that like a soft start feature where it starts up slow and then picks up to full speed or does it just stay off for 2 seconds and then starts up? Either way that doesn't sound right to me. I'm sure other people here have the same model and will answer this for sure but I don't think I could deal with that 'feature'.


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        Re: Just purchased Ridgid Jigsaw 3121?

        If it starts up gently, that might be OK but if there's a 2 or 3 seconds of DEAD before start when you pull the trigger, it has to be defective. It might be an engineering defect, but it's still not right.


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          Re: Just purchased Ridgid Jigsaw 3121?

          OK, To everyone. I know it doesn't sound right When the jigsaw trigger is pulled and it hesitates, but it is normal and I wondered the same thing. I thought something was wrong with mine, so I called Ridgid tech support to confirm that this is true. When the trigger is pulled and after a 1 to 2 sec. delay, in a split sec. the saw seems to start out slow (and mind you in a split second) it takes off and is very POWERFUL!

          This jigsaw has no cheap plastic on it (other than the shield) and is made of cast iron.

          I am already getting used to the pause effect at start up, and I actually like the way it does this, because if I am cutting a circle or other odd shapes and need to realign my jigsaw in case I start to go astray on a sharp cut, it will let you make sure that you are starting off right by the hesitation if you are off the mark and need to align quickly before it actually starts up. The jigsaw also stops almost immediatly after the trigger is depressed and doesn't keep going like alot of other jigsaws do! I love this action because it is almost impossible to go past your mark. Naturally anyone can go past there mark, but when you notice it before it starts to, it almost dead STOPS just as soon as you let off the trigger.

          I hope everyone understands what I am trying to explain. It is actually kind of wierd the way it does, but I love this thing and it didn't WIN BEST PERFORMANCE for nothing. This thing is POWERFUL! Look up the reviews on this model and you will see it OUTPERFORMED BOSCH, DEWALT, CRAFTSMAN, HITACHI, and several others I can't think of off the top of my head. This is just to name a few.

          If you have anymore questions, I will answer with what I know to the best of my ability even if I have to call them again.

          Please, I done alot of research on these jigsaws before I purchased the RIDGID R3121. This jigsaw was on sale for $137.99 at homedepot, but I got an even better deal off of ebay at half the price and it BRAND NEW right out of the box! I have already registered my jigsaw along with some other ridgid power tools and I am HAPPY to say I LOVE the RIDGID BRAND and there WARRANTY. How can you go wrong?