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    I just bought a used Ridgid 12 gallon 5HP wet/drty vac. I had had my choice of a Porter,shop vac and a craftsman wet/dry vac where I bought the used Ridgid wet/dry vac at. I bought the Ridgid because all my professional builder friends buy only Ridgid tools. They say that Ridgid is the BEST! Anyway, I bring it home and the FIRST time I turn the on/off toggler switch off, it breaks, in the off position. Does anyone know if Ridgid will fix or replace this machine or in the alternative, is there a way for me to replace this toggle switch?. Any help is most appreciated. Thanks.

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    Welcome to the forum, I would just take the vac back to where you bought it. If you just bought it they should replace it with with out a problem.
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      You have a 90-day "Satisfaction" guarantee, which means you can just return the vac and either get a new one, or get a refund.

      If you are beyond the 90-day period, you'll have to get the vac to an authorized Ridgid Service Center. Look here on the home page of this site, under "Support" for contact information, service center addresses, etc. Or, you can call the Ridgid Customer Support tel. number in your owner's manual.

      The warranty on Ridgid vacs is for the life of the product "against manufacturing defects"... I would think that a one-time use, broken switch would easily qualify. But your least expensive option (no shipping or transportation cost to a service center) would be to return the unit to Home Depot within the initial 90-day period.

      I hope this helps,



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        Notice he said he bought it USED.

        I would try to bring it back to where you bought it and see if they'll take it back. If not, the switch is probably not very expensive and can be bought from Ridgid directly.

        Good luck!