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Cordless nailer?

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  • Cordless nailer?

    Does anyone know if Ridgid has any plans for a cordless finish nailer? Before I spring for the Dewalt I just wanted to make sure there was not one coming down the road from Ridgid I should look at.

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    Re: Cordless nailer?

    Good luck, hopefully someone on here knows. I asked the Ridgid Reps at the IBS show in Orlando for two years about why they hadn't come out with a jobsite radio and all they kept telling me was to hold on. I finally couldn't take it anymore and got the Bosch radio, then 6 mos later, they finally release the radio. I'd look into the Paslode cordless trim nailer though. Most of my trim carpenters say they much prefer that one over the dewalt. And then you don't have to end up buying Dewalt batteries for it. The paslode one last quite a while.