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  • buying recon rigid tools

    going to replace tools since ha!!!! son has clean me out. saw cpo rigid has a 5pc 18v set or a 3pc 24v set. i am retired put still like doing things around the house. what do you guys think. this is the first time i am doing this i hope it is right. thank you

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    Re: buying recon rigid tools


    Welcome to the Ridgid forum!

    I'm not much for buying anything "reconditioned", but that's just me I suppose. The biggest concern from my point of view, is what one might deem as "reconditioned".

    I have gone to local "tool shows", like those that Cummins used to have and have found some fairly good bargains, sometimes saving $50 to $100 off of their larger tools. But, I have also seen some of the smaller tools where the price difference might only be $10 or so. In case of the latter, I'd prefer to simply buy a brand-new tool and get the full factory warranty.

    Likewise, I'm sure you can see some tools on the "Home Depot" website or elsewhere that are listed as "Factory Reconditioned" and in those cases, if the price is right for you, then it's probably a good deal... but note that the tool should look brand new and be factory boxed. These tools are indeed inspected, and if necessary "repaired" and "refurbished" and then "reboxed" for retail sale as "Factory Reconditioned". Usually a shorter warranty (compared to New) is provided and the tool is perfectly fine.

    I suspect that the "avenue" for these tools is simply those that get returned, for one reason or another. In such cases, they should be returned to the factory where they are inspected for remarket. But, because they were used by someone, however briefly, they cannot be sold as "NEW". Even if they need no repairs at all, they're still "used"; but the factory can inspect, clean, and rebox them as "factory reconditioned". In such cases, there may have never been anything wrong to begin with, and the "F-C" price offers a bargain, albeit with a slightly reduced warranty.

    BUT, be careful of so-called "Reconditioned" tools that I all too often see at Home Depot. In my local HD, these are green-tagged and found sitting on a bench or shelf somewhere away from other tools of the same type. In every case that I've seen, these tools are usually dirty, scuffed, and appear to be seriously used and all too often abused. The tags are usually made out by the store's management and appear to be "returns" or "trade-ins" of some kind. The source is sort of a mystery to me, as I don't see any normal avenues for these tools to exist.

    The bottom line is that these are in no way factory reconditioned. At best they are tools that found their way back into the store, received a brief inspection and maybe a "trigger-pull" by someone in the store, and then declared "good". The prices are maybe 20% off or so. NOT any kind of bargain in opinion and I have no idea what you get offered in the way of warranty or any other kind of buyer protection.

    I hope this helps,

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      Re: buying recon rigid tools

      I have bought three reconditioned tools from CPO and been well pleased with all of them. I also bought a Porter cable router 690 5 years that was reconditioned and it is still the main one I use. The warranty is usually good from CPO. I am just a home diy and small woodworking person so the use is not for construction.


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        Re: buying recon rigid tools

        To CWSmith thank you for your reply. Just trying to save money and still have something to work with. I read reports on CPO recon and looked good. I pulled the trigger and order a 5 pc. set. Orderd sunday and got them tuesday. Have't used them yet but looks brand new.


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          Re: buying recon rigid tools

          To harrison2119 thank you for your input. I too bought from CPO very easy to order and very fast delivery. Tools look brand new.


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            Re: buying recon rigid tools

            Glad to hear CPO is doing a good job. Lot of recon tools might as well be new because they are returns taken for a multitude of reasons (got as a gift, changed mind, weekend "rental", whatever...) However, unless you can see the tools prior to purchasing, there is a bit of risk if you are betting on the flawless condition. Some tools come back that were used pretty hard. We get them back to factory specs, but that does not mean there won't be scratches or wear on the casing (or other such cosmetic issues.) Additionally, the warranty is generally one year (on RIDGID and most others.) It is a different market.

            I hope those of you that go recon get great satisfaction in the tools. Thanks for looking at RIDGID.