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Husky vs. Dewalt

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  • Husky vs. Dewalt

    I am considering two air compressors, one is the Husky 30 gal. cast iron oil lubed compressor, while the other is the high pressure 15 gal Dewalt compressor, both sold at Home Depot. Both have similar SCFM ratings at 90 psi, the Husky has 5.5, while the Dewalt has 5.4. Both have very good ratings. I can't decide which one is more bang for the buck. The Husky is oil lubed, has a larger motor, and larger tank. The Dewalt isn't oil lubed, and has a smaller tank, but did I mention its a Dewalt? I want to use the compressor to spray paint using a HVLP gun, use brad and nail guns, and possibly in the future a pneumatic orbital sander. From what I can tell, both compressors will be pushing it a little with a spray gun. I haven't used one yet, but want to try my hand at it. These are both at my max price (probably more than I should spend), so to all you IR fans, I just can't afford one. What do you think?

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    Re: Husky vs. Dewalt

    Few things to consider... Oil lubed will last you longer, that being said, if your the type of guy who does not do maintaince then maybe both will last the same.

    Dewalt aquired Emgloo compressors, a solid name in industrial grade compressors. So you know it's a solid unit. Being oil less it's going to be easier to repair, and cheaper to repair than the Husky. The husky stores 30 gallons at 135psi. The Dewalt 15 gal at 200psi. So the dewalt unit actually stores more than 15 gallons of air, at a much lighter weight which makes it portable friendly. (Husky 178lbs, Dewalt 92lbs)

    The Husky compressors cycles on when the pressure drops to 115psi, the dewalt cycles on at 150psi. Less down time if your using nailers that require a higher operating pressure. (Husky 6.5/5.5 SCFM @ 40/90 PSI, Dewalt 5.4 SCFM @ 90 PSI)

    Typically Oiled units operate a little quiter, however the Dewalt unit is very quiet for a compressor at 78 DB.

    Petcock valve on the Husky is a cheap twist style which will rust out over time. The Dewalt uses a nice ball valve style. The dewalt also uses better tires than the Husky.

    A few dollars different in price.

    I would pick the Dewalt over the Husky. But that's just me.
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