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    Re: Battery replacement?

    Originally posted by jscozz View Post
    Thanks for all the feedback...

    When I said there should be an 800# for replacement I did not mean site unseen... if my APC UPS battery dies I call an 800#, they send me a new one I ship the old one back... done. I would not mind paying shipping to get the batteries to Ridgid... as long as the new ones were shipped to me free of charge as per the warranty. My only problem is with having to drive 1-1/2 hours each way to my nearest service center... add in some time there and that is half a day of my time... which is valuable to me. So, it will cost me more in my time to get two batteries replaced under warranty than it would to go buy two new ones... that is my only complaint.

    Like I said, I would gladly pay the shipping to get the bats to Ridgid... saving me a trip... and allowing me to have my warranty honored. Is there any Ridgid service center that allows this?
    1-1/2 hrs to nearest service center in the entire state of NJ?????.....OK
    1-Several posters on this forum have stated they contacted a service center by phone and made arrangements for shipment of the problem item to the service center and return by mail or UPS. Some stated the service center actually paid the shipping cost.
    2-Several posters on this forum have stated they called Ridgid customer service and made arrangements for shipping the problem product directly to them for repair or replacement.