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  • New Skil Mag 77

    I recently purchased a new skil mag 77 worm drive saw, and was dismayed when I checked the bevel with my speed square. The teeth of the blade are about a sixteenth proud of where they should be-so basically my saw cuts at a 92 or something (haven't had time to measure a cut made by it yet but will soon) when it should be an even 90.

    When I contacted skil about this, they replied that they accept 2 degrees intolerance in the bevel and that other manufacturers(specifically bosch) do as well. Maybe I shouldn't be, but I'm pissed. It's a 190 dollar saw and I expect the d*mn thing to bevel straight.

    Anyhow, if anyone has any experience or feedback I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks
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    Re: New Skil Mag 77

    this is why when I pick stupid things like pliers, I always check if the blades are ground square. Just return it and pick one with a 90, grab a small square with you.


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      Re: New Skil Mag 77

      Just make use of a good square and set it as close to dead on 90 as you can get it. Then tighten the screws and once a week check it again. If you want to do a 45 bevel check to be sure it's right on at 45. Forget the tiny indicator and pointer. Even with a cabinet style table saw you use measuring instruments when you need high accuracy. Never trust the machine indicators to be dead on.

      As stated by another member a worm drive circular saw is a GRUNT & GORAN get down and dirty workhorse. It's not a fancy precision machine made for accuracy.


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        Re: New Skil Mag 77

        Great tool! I've had my Skil 77 (non-mag version) for 19 years. You can't kill those things.

        I agree with Woussko. Take a cut. Check the cut with the square, then adjust a smidge as needed. Rinse, repeat until your cuts are square. Then revel in the fact that you own one of the best portable saws money can buy.



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          Re: New Skil Mag 77

          A "Combination Square" is very handy to have for checking 45 and 90 degree angles to be sure they are right on. I would not dream of being without one when I need to get precise miter or bevel cuts no matter what method I used to cut the wood or metal. By the way you can install a protractor head on one of them for other than 45 and 90 degrees. Please see picture 2.
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            Re: New Skil Mag 77

            If people think the HD-77 is quite a saw, take a look at the old SKIL 8-1/4" model 825 fondly known as "THE BEAST" worm drive.




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              Re: New Skil Mag 77

              Hey thanks for the pictures, Wous. I sliced a two by four on the narrow edge for a deeper reading and checked it with a bevel square. When all the way down, the bevel is about 91.5. What stops the baseplate is the body of the saw, so I could wedge something in there that is about 3/32s wide, but I'm going to send the saw back(I ordered it online). Plus the saw had scratches on the bottom of the baseplate when it came which leads me to believe that some yahoo dropped it in the factory. I hope I'm not being too anal about the whole thing...


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                Re: New Skil Mag 77

                Nothing wrong with wanting one that's right when you get it.

                If there were scratches on the sole plate that means something did happen to it.

                Are you saying that you can't just adjust and lock it at 90.0? I'm wondering about the need to wedge it? If that's the case it seems like it was damaged.

                Please post about the replacement once it arrives.

                I wonder if your saw was a returned one>>>??? Hmmmm ... It may well have been such.

                You might ask the dealer if they also sell the very nice Bosch saws. They are real gems! Bosch and Skil merged some time back and it seems that the Bosch line of power tools is more advanced. That doesn't mean the SKIL isn't very good, just not quite as good. The Bosch will do a 50 degree bevel cut and I think the Skil only goes to 45 degrees.


                Same but extension cord connects directly to saw. (no power cord!!!)

                A dealer's web site info.

                SKIL SHD77M -

                Bosch 1677M -

                Another dealer's web site info

                Bosch 1677-100 Collector's Edition which is nice to grab if you can find stock -

                Skil SHD77M -

                Shhhhhh Don't tell anyone but normally the Bosch worm drive saws come with a better blade as standard equipment.
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