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R4121 Miter Saw - Blade installation

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  • R4121 Miter Saw - Blade installation

    Hello all. I'm new to the forum. Just purchased the R4121 miter saw. Came recommended and got it for a great price. I've got it out of the box and setting it up.

    Page 17 of the manual - Installing the Blade.

    Step 1: Unplug the saw - check
    Step 2: Raise saw arm - check
    Step 3: Rotate lower blade guard up and loosen the blade bolt cover screw. Rotate blade bolt cover up and back to expose the hex bolt.

    This is where if falls apart for me. If I rotate the lower blade guiard up as far as it will go, now the blade bolt cover is inside the lower blade guard and I can't loosen the screw. In addition to that, how is one supposed to conveniently change the blade without the lower blade guard continually wanting to spring back to its down position?

    I'm sure I'm missing something here. Thanks in advance for setting me straight!!

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    Re: R4121 Miter Saw - Blade installation

    I have the RIDGID Slider Saw but I assume it should be close to the same (maybe). There should be a screw to loosen the blade cover, looking at the picture I think its black on your model. You don't actually have to remove this screw all the way just enough for the tab to get past it. After this is done the guard should go up much higher exposing the area you need to get to loosen the blade without coming back down to hit you as you rotate the bolt. Then just remember reverse thread on the blade bolt.


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      Re: R4121 Miter Saw - Blade installation

      Thanks for the reply. I think I see the problem with the manual. I was in Home Depot looking at the Ridgid 10" and sliding 12" miter saws.

      In both cases, the design is such that you MUST rotate the lower blade guard up first to get access to the blade bolt cover screw. In other words, the manual is correct.

      With the R4121, the blade bolt cover screw must be loosened first, then rotate the lower guard up. In fact, the screw really needs to come out completely - the guard won't go up if the screw is part way out.

      Thanks again!