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  • Table Dimensions

    I had picked up a Ridgid Radial Arm saw without the table top.. Can anyone give me dimensions so I can build a new one ?? I looked through the manual but they do not offer the dimensions to the pieces used to construct it.

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    Re: Table Dimensions

    Alot of views and no answer so I'll add what I can.I dont know the size of the ridgid table.I recently made a new top for my old craftsman radial arm saw.I actually increased the width of the top by 12" and increased the depth(front to back) about 6".Making a new top consider strength of material used to construct the top.The original top on my craftsman was a particle board type product the one I made was plywood and was stiff enough to be made larger without flexing.I have 5' wide tables on each side of my radial saw to support large work.Any hardware used to fasten your top to the base must be recessed and best to cover with luan you want to ensure your expensive blade never makes contact with the bolts holding the table on.Another option I suppose would be ordering a replacement top.