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    Re: New Ridgid tools at HD

    Originally posted by Calder View Post
    Anyone know how many cells are in the Craftsman batteries. Are they playing the shell game with the 20 volt series, like the 10.8 vs 12 volt compact series.

    Lithium cells are rated as 3.6 volts nominal, 4.2 volts fully charged. For an 18 volt battery, I assume there are 5 cells in the battery (5 x 3.6). this gives a nominal voltage of 18 volts and a max of 21. this is the same as the NiCd batteries which have 15 cells with a nominal voltage of 1.2 volts, but come off the charger at around 21 volts.

    What do they put in the 19.2 volt lithium batteries? I suspect they only have 5 cells just like everyone else's 18 volt battery. You probably get a lower voltage battery with the Lithium battery than with the NiCd battery for that line of tools.

    So what is the advantage of the Craftsman 20 volt tools?

    What do they put in the 20 volt line? Do they still use just 5 cells and assess the voltage by 5 x 4.0 volts (the latest compact marketing seems to be calling the 3.6 volt cells as 4.0 volts). Or does the Craftsman 20 volt line have 6 cells ....... That would be 21.6 volts nominal; they would be hurting themselves by saying it was lower than it's real voltage. Thus; I suspect the Craftsman 20 volt line has the same cells in their battery as everyone else's 18 volt lithium batteries.
    That still wouldn't explain though why they call the "Consumer" line 19.2 and the "Professional" line 20 unless it's really the same and strictly for marketing purposes...


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      Re: New Ridgid tools at HD

      The collated screwdriver works great but cant find any 5 inch bits for the 99.00 model? can you help?


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        Re: New Ridgid tools at HD

        Lowes had them the other day as does Home Depot because we looked when we bought the screw gun. The Ridgid and Senco are the same gun. The Senco bits will work so just get those. I have not seen any Ridgid bits yet but the Senco will work fine.


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          Re: New Ridgid tools at HD

          I have the senco add on for screwguns. It uses the same bit, they are in a 2pk, plastic bag often hanging on the edge of the shelf racks. The Ridgid is a better deal with LSA as there are no parts available from Senco on the corded model, if it breaks it can not be repaired. The cordless senco does have some parts available.
          I can get parts for my DS300 add on kit. HD carried them several years ago. That has an extension to do flooring, etc. standing. Their screws are excellent quality, esp. the type 17[cut] tip is almost like a Kreg pocket screw tip, no predrilling needed. Milwaukee's is the same system too. I would like to look into the Ridgid for drywall as my DS300 is bulky for that use. Nice though in that I can use my DW cordless screw gun with it as well as corded models like my Makita and Bosch guns,. They include front adapters.

          Here are the bits;


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            Re: New Ridgid tools at HD

            Originally posted by Frankiarmz View Post
            Does overhang a bit but locks in fine. Hope these help.

            Thanks for the help. I picked up a 14.4 on clearance for $33.


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              Re: New Ridgid tools at HD

              I never liked the craftsman li tools, due to thier size, the battery is huge! even their new 12v li line is long, not short and fat like the ridgid 12v.


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                Re: New Ridgid tools at HD

                ProBrand Wrote:
                ... Lastly, the issue of announcing early. I really don't know what early is. A week? A month? ...
                "Early" could at least be defined as when the cat is out of the bag, as in when the WWing mags have seen and are writing about new tools coming out.
                Ridgid and Ryobi show off new tools at WOOD Magazine
                Posted 4/30/2009 3:20 PM CDT

                Unless I missed it I have not seen anything here about the new R2401 Trim Router, which looks to be a great improvement over the previous R2400 (which I own). It certainly looks like someone was listening (or at least copying the mail here on the Forum) and incorporated a load of improvements into the R2401. So much so that I am (or will be) tempted to replace my R2400. IF I only knew when I could expect it to hit the store shelves.

                Click image for larger version

Name:	R2401.jpg
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ID:	619005

                Why is it that Wood Magazine has mention of the new RIDGID tools in one of their blogs (which I happened upon when doing a web search) like the R2401 or the R250F18 - 18V cordless nailer ??

                Click image for larger version

Name:	R250F18.jpg
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ID:	619006

                Does RIDGID have plans to bring out a multi-port charger which has been asked for a number of times here (not by me)? This would certainly seem like something that would serve a 2 or 3 man crew well, or just setup back in the shop where everyone can drop of a battery and pick up a fresh one. I'd package the 6 port charger/maintainer with two batteries and offer it for $159. If you need some inspiration look at Ryobi's soon to be released model P125 Supercharger ($80). Around the house I could use a four port model for about $129.
                Click image for larger version

Name:	P125.jpg
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ID:	619007

                You might see this as knocking your tool line or view it in some other derogatory manner, but it is not intended that way. The sooner I know there is a new tool coming out from RIDGID that fits a need (perceived or real) of mine then the sooner I will be buying it or waiting to buy, instead of buying something else which will work but doesn't really fit my need only because it was the best fit out there and nothing better on the horizon so no incentive to wait.

                The sooner your loyal RIDGID tool users have these new tools in their hands and can start giving first hand feedback to their co-workers and friends then the sooner you sales will take off cause nothing sells like word of mouth.
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