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Stacked data use with TS 2410

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  • Stacked data use with TS 2410

    Reviewed the Ridgid manual for TS 2410 and found on page 34 "This saw is designed for use with a 6" stacked dato (up to a width of 13/16 in.)

    Does this mean that you can not use a 8" stacked dato or just that you can't use any thing less than 6".

    I am thinking about purchasing one because of my limited shop space.

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    Re: Stacked data use with TS 2410

    A 6" dado is recommended because it strains the small motor less but an 8" will still work fine. A lot of people use them including me. Just work within reason. Make multiple passes on deep cuts and don't feed too fast. If you intend on using the dado very frequently then a 6" will probably be a good idea.


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      Re: Stacked data use with TS 2410

      If you don't plan on ever making dados more than 1-1/4" deep or use a sled when cutting dados then there really is no need to use a dado set larger than 6".
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