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18v Battery "Fix" SAFE??

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    Re: 18v Battery "Fix" SAFE??

    I believe the Ridgid lithium ion batteries sold separately at Home Depot for $99, are 3 amp hour capacity. The compact batteries are half that capacity , so run time will be greatly decreased. depending on your needs, it might make more sense to buy the bigger batteries and charger separately.
    I hate to open a wound here, but weren't we told by Ridgid during that big discussion a while back, that it was perfectly fine to charge the new lithiums on the older nicad chargers?


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      Re: 18v Battery "Fix" SAFE??

      hey Frankie, you are right. When I bought mine it came with 2 P104 batteries which are the high capacity ones, not the P103 as the description from the Ryobi website says.

      I didn't catch that change until you mentioned it and I wonder if the HD description is even correct.

      At any rate, if you go to check this out look on the package and see what it says for batteries. If it's two P104 high capacity batteries, then its a good deal buying for sprayer for the batteries and charger.

      I went back to the HD web page and it says it comes with the high capacity batteries just as mine did last year.
      Here's another snip from the same page I included earlier;
      Click image for larger version

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        Re: 18v Battery "Fix" SAFE??

        Originally posted by CWSmith View Post
        I'd stay well away from any kind of "shock" suggestions... especially so, if the recommendation is to use an arc welder. That's one heckuva lot of "juice" to be feeding a NiCad.

        I'm used to be an avid user of A-size, type A penlite batteries. I use a so-called "smart charger" from Maha Energy. I have noticed that if the batteries run down to low, the charge will not recognize them and therefore will NOT charge them. In which case, I've used a simple, cheap "dumb" charger. Not much more that just a "wall wart". Once the NiCad get's charged for a few minutes with that, the "smart charger" will then work okay.

        So, I suspect a similar approach would work with the NiCad tool pack. However, one should realize that no battery will last forever (NiCad, NiMa, or LiIon. They all have a predicted number of charges for their useful lifetime. The bottom line being that you may well try and to some small extent, succeed in getting an old battery to take a charge... but it will generally not be anything like when it was new.

        Therefore, IMO once you have to resort to "tricks", it's just time to get some new batteries. In the case of an old, and perhaps, obsolete battery, you may want to find a source that will rebuild your existing case. I believe there are a few places that are reasonable and reliable.

        I do understand and agree with your not wanting to simply throw away any tool that you've had great service with. That's one of the reasons all my cordless tools are Ridgid. The LLSA pretty much guarantees that I'll always have new batteries when I need them.

        I thought ridgid would replace my batteries too until they lost my registration. Now that I'm trying to replace a battery which is supposed to be under warranty, they claim I never registered my kit and the warranty is only for three years so no new battery. This loophole in the warranty is allowing them to not honor their warranty. Tell everyone you know. Ridgid warranty is a hoax!!


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          Re: 18v Battery "Fix" SAFE??

          Ya know, you can post all you want about your problem. But you fail mention that you failed in your responsibility to follow-up on your registration to make sure it was properly received and logged. You apparently also failed to keep copies of anything that you said you sent.

          So, what's the difference between you and someone who never sent in the material and is only now making a claim because their batteries finally wore out?

          Ridgid absolutely does stand by their warranty and the LLSA. I and many, many others have had our tools serviced with no problem and no challenge! Your failure, does not mean that Ridgid is in any way fraudulent. Like you, they do make mistakes.

          Finally, your reposting of my rather old response to another topic doesn't in any way, shape, or form add credence to your complaint or your opinion.

          Sorry for your problems,

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