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  • Jet AFS-1000

    Anyone know the amperage rating of this Jet air cleaner? AFS-1000.
    It is 1/6th hp,115V,60hz,1 phase. Need to know the amperage as I would like to plug this and a Rockler Wall mounted dust collector,which is 12 amp.,would like to know if I can plug them both into a 20amp plug-in.
    I have the stats,but it only gives me the info I just gave you. On the back there is a restart switch rated at 3-amp.. But don`t think that is the air-cleaner rating.

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    Re: Jet AFS-1000

    From what I have read about the AFS-1000 (I own on too) it's rated at 4.5 to 5 amps. Your DC is 12 amps. Now, it was a while ago, but I worked as an electrician apprentice in the union and I seem to recall that the ratings for most equipment are the PEAK ratings. In other words, when you first turn on the unit the amperage will spike (or peak) and once the unit is running it should drop slightly.
    I know this isn't good practice, but I have had to run my 12amp DC and my 13amp TS off the same 20amp circuit. I turn one on let it come to speed and then the other. Again, not something I would do often, but I was in a pinch. You can ruin your motor over time if it's not getting the proper "juice" It didn't trip the breaker, but...

    13+ we'll say 5 for argument sake = 18 amps peak. Is this 20 A circuit dedicated? There are no other loads off this circuit, just this outlet and straight back to the panel?
    Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe you'll be ok.