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Left over bolts on ts3660

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  • Left over bolts on ts3660

    I need help I just finished assembly on my new ts3660 table saw Now I have three bolts and nuts left over they are 1/4-20 X 3/4 square heads they are in blister package. unable to see any reference to them in instruction manuel Thank you

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    Re: Left over bolts on ts3660

    I believe they are to fit in the slot on the fence to attach jigs or a sacrafice fence for dadoing.


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      Re: Left over bolts on ts3660

      Read this thread.

      FAQ #1 is:

      Q1. What are those three extra bolts and nuts for? Did I miss something during assembly?
      Answer: No, the three bolts and nuts are supplied for mounting an axillary fence on the table saw fence. Keep them in a safe place until needed. You may also have a few extra brass shim washers when you are done, save them too.

      Read through the entire thread for a load of help on assembling and maintaining your TS-3650 or 3660.
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