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Thickness planer and plywood?

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  • Thickness planer and plywood?

    Help please.

    I recently purchased the Ridgid 13" thickness planer, and wonder if it's OK to run plywood through it? I suspect this is bad practice, but would like to know if it's possible, and what are the considerations if it is??


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    Re: Thickness planer and plywood?

    A sure way to dull the knives in a hurry.
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      Re: Thickness planer and plywood?

      If you are just skimming off the top, its no problem. I did that to some 3/8" I was putting in some paneled doors for my shop cabinets. It was a lot faster/easier than trying to sand. Trick is not to go through the top layer, so take light cuts. It works best on construction ply. The veneered hardwood ply is too thin for it to work well, as you will go through the face. However, if using the construction BC or AC ply, and trying to get a smooth panel to use for doors, etc, it can make a nice pine panel.

      Realize you will have to use a dado blade and shim it to get the right thickness for the panel slot, as a stock size router bit will end up giving too loose of a slot.


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