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help! air compresser failure

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  • help! air compresser failure

    Thank u all in advance. My compresser is a ridgid stackable 1.8 hp. The unit will start, fill up, then when tank is draining the unit fails to start and catch up. Was thinking pressure switch but now not sure unit seems to want to start but dosent, once all air is bleed off tank unit can be turned off then back on and it will fill , this has to be done every time to keep a constant 175 psi . If u can help thank u. Anyone with any information or anything can email me at again thank you very much for any help.

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    Re: help! air compresser failure

    Let's see if I have this right. With 0 pressure in the tank(s) it will start and run and then stop ... Correct?

    With pressure in the tanks it fails to restart and just groans?

    Totally fails to even attempt to restart unless you bleed out all air first?

    Sorry but more info is needed to figure out just what's going on with it?

    Did you try it on another circuit? Are you using an extension cord, even a short one?


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      Re: help! air compresser failure

      Sounds to me like the check valve is stuck in the open position. If if will run at 0 psi and run til cutout pressure that would be my guess. The check valve is designed to keep the 120psi pressure out of the cylinder so that when the compressor cuts in it does not have to deal with starting up under pressure. I am not a tool tech but that is certainly what it sounds like IMO.



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        Re: help! air compresser failure

        I would have to agree with Bill. There is a check valve that relieves the pressure from the cylinder the second the unit reaches the set pressure (the tank and pressure feedline to the tank).

        If the compressor is operating correctly, you can hear the valve release, the moment the maximum pressure is reached and the motor shuts off. If there is a spec of grit/dirt introduced into pressure line it may have clogged the valve and thus keep it from properly actuating.

        The compressor will not start with pressure in cylinder. Therefore the valve needs to be checked, cleaned (if possible), or replaced.



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          Re: help! air compresser failure

          I agree with checking the check/unloader valve. It could also be a (weak) motor starting capacitor. That would give it just enough umph to start under no load but not under any load.

          Before doing anything wild, please try it on another circuit and find out how it behaves.