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Miter Blade will not repeat 90 degree cut

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  • Miter Blade will not repeat 90 degree cut

    I can't get the blade on my MS 1250 lz miter saw to reset to 90 degrees after moving it to another bevel angle. I repeatly set the stop following the manual instructions - it cuts a perfect 90 time after time if I don't move it.

    I tried just snugging the stop set screw and moving it to 90,not past 90, and tightening it. Still will not repeat a 90. It is always off at least 1 -2 degrees in a 3" board.

    The blade always stays parallel to the fence- no problem there or with any of the indent settings.

    I have set up a lot of saws but never ran into problem like this. Any advice welcome!
    Last edited by Vic S; 03-06-2009, 06:59 PM.