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Table Saw looses power

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  • Table Saw looses power

    I have a Rigid TS 3650 10" table saw. While cutting two 3/4" piece of plywood, the saw began to bog down and the blade burnt. I bought a new blade, but the saw does not seem to have much power. I have used it to cut a lot of wood over the past 3 years without a problem. Is it possibly a belt slipage problem; motor brushes; or controllor or something else? It is a large and heavy piece of equipment; and I am not anxious to take it to the nearest service location over 30 miles away. Any suggestions

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    Re: Table Saw looses power

    The first thing I'd do is check the belt for wear. You said you've sawed a lot of wood with over a 3 year period so possibly it's worn and needs replacing. If the belt looks fine then go through the motor mounting procedure outlined in your owners manual. The motor may have been knocked a little out of alignment over the years.
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