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  • 1st post and 1st cut

    the saw- after much research i followed the flock and purchased a ts3650. it was a new in box craigslist sale for 325. i set it up on sunday, a couple coats of johnson wax, tweaked adjustments and made the first cut on it today. first reaction from someone who has owned crappy saws in the past... this is an amazing saw. the only thing i have seen not to like on it was the miter gauge. in short its junk. maybe its not junk, its just i cant trust it so im now looking at a incra setup. i was hoping to do the attached router table set up next but it needs the new miter gauge instead.

    me- I live in NH with my two boys (13 and 6) and a great wife. i have been absent from woodworking for years (over 20). i used to do ok and loved making stuff. i am really out of the loop with the new stuff out there today. when looking for a saw i googled "table saw ratings/rankings" and stumbled onto this site. (which by the way there is a huge wealth of info on this site). after reading tons about the 3650/3660 i knew for the price it couldnt be beat. as mentioned above the wish list ifor my saw includes an incra miter guage, attached router table and then a outfeed table.

    i look foward to picking your brains and nagging with a email now and then so please, let me thank you in advance.


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    Re: 1st post and 1st cut

    Welcome to the Forum and best of luck with that great saw. I'm not much of a woodworker but I got a great deal on a used one myself,someday I'll have more room to work and more money for wood! Frank