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  • Impact Driver Bits

    At work today I had used my 18v Impact driver to drive about 300 4 in. Robertson head deck screws. In the process I destroyed about 6 #2 Rob hex bits. I was wondering if anyone knows of a brand of bits that are specifically designed for Impact use or atleast a brand that has proven to be sucessful for this use. Thanks in advance.


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    Re: Impact Driver Bits

    Local HD stocks Dewalt/Milwaukee IMPACT-READY driver bits, nut drivers, 3/8" socket adapters and magnetic bit holders.

    They are forged metal/special steel treatment designed for impact driver use.


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      Re: Impact Driver Bits

      Thanks recon Ill look into it hope they sell them in bulk packs nothing worse then being on the job and it blows apart and you dont have a reserve.


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        Re: Impact Driver Bits

        check out mcfeely's


        apex impact driver bits #hhs-0234 $3.05

        cheap driver bits were never intended for the new impact drivers and
        easily get bunged up when the impact action kicks in.

        I think if you Google apex driver bits you may find quantity discounts

        Another reason for bunging up driver bits is not aligning the bit to screw to wood properly
        This is an easy occurrence, and cheap screws will destroy driver bits too.

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          Re: Impact Driver Bits

          I got some of these Highpoint Driver Bits at Woodcraft and they have lasted longer than any others I've used in the past.
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            Re: Impact Driver Bits

            Yes Dewalt makes a whole line of impact ready bits and they wok. But I can't seem to find a regular straight blade tip int impact line? Any ideas