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Problem with Ridgid R86006 18v cordless drill

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  • Problem with Ridgid R86006 18v cordless drill

    I was given this drill as a gift and did not get the receipt.
    It is a reconditioned drill.
    It's less than one year old.

    My problem is:
    When I turn it on to use it, it sparks quite a bit at the rear of the drill (in the little vent holes above the handle), but it works ok for drilling a few holes, then it stops dead.
    After waiting a little while it starts working again.
    Then, the same stopping problem again.
    Also, there is a slight burning smell that occurs this same time.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Is there any way I can get this drill repaired under warranty, given my stated situation?

    Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.


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    Re: Problem with Ridgid R86006 18v cordless drill

    Without a receipt for proof of purchase, you may well be out of luck. You could give Ridgid customer service a call and perhaps they can date the tool by the serial number. But with it being "reconditioned" it is highly likely that the SN will indicate that the tool is older that a year.

    So often a "gift" turns out to be a problem (with any brand), simply because the purchaser retains or looses the receipt. Having "been there", it is always good practice to make the receipt part of the present, IMHO.

    Sorry my reply isn't more positive,



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      Re: Problem with Ridgid R86006 18v cordless drill

      I don't know about the sudden starting and stopping, you may be in the wrong transmission speed required for a given job. The drill may be shutting down when the surrounding temp influences the batteries and they get too warm or too cold. I know cold lith batteries don't charge well.

      The sparks that come from the housing vents are most liky the electric brake that can be somewhat alarming, when the drill is used on the higher transmission speed. The drill will also give off a burning smell when used at very slow variable speeds, the manual says that continued use at slower speeds will damage the drill. I think this pup is best used, for prolonged periods of time, in the higher RPM range of either transmission speed.

      Who gives a gift without retaining the original reciept? I think as much fault lies in that aspect of this situation, as with the unit itself. Especially saving a few bucks and buying a reconditioned unit, then giving it away as a gift? Prudent logic just does not follow in this perdicament. I'm am sure Ridgid warranties even their reconditioned units for some limited time frame, the last thing I would ever throw out before the warranty expired was a reciept on a reconditioned item? even more so, on a reconditioned gift I planned on giving away?