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Can't get philips impact bit out of coupler

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  • Can't get philips impact bit out of coupler

    A good friend lent me his new Rigid R82233 12v 1/4 in Right Angle Impact Driver... I made the mistake of using it with a stubby philips head impact bit that I can now not remove from the coupler.

    I can pull the coupler collar forward and the bit will not release.
    I tried to grip the bit with needle nose pliers and they can't get a good hold.
    I mounted a deck screw in a bench vise and tried to use the driver forward and backwards in an attempt to loosen the bit , but no go.

    Any tips?
    Or will I have to search for a service center?



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    Re: Can't get philips impact bit out of coupler

    Does the stubby bit have a indent that is locking it into the driver? If not, I would put a couple drops of penetrating oil along the bit and let it work into the coupler for a minute or two, then clean off the bit and grab it with a pair of vise grips regular or long nose real tight. Next I would tap the vise grips away from the coupler with a hammer, if necessary rest the edge of the coupler against something that won't move such as a vise or work bench. I wouldn't keep trying to spin the impact, might either damage the mechanism or snap the bit closer to the coupler! Let us know how you do.


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      Re: Can't get philips impact bit out of coupler

      this worked for me on my regular 14.4v impact driver when the bit jammed in the quick release. hold the bit with pliers. pull the quick release collar forward. operate the driver in reverse. while operating the driver in reverse, pull the bit out with the pliers. best done with two people. good luck.
      there's a solution to every just have to be willing to find it.


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        Re: Can't get philips impact bit out of coupler

        I've had regular bits get stuck on occasion in my 14.4v Dewalt Impact Driver but a little twist with a pair of pliers was all it ever took for them to come free.


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          Re: Can't get philips impact bit out of coupler

          This normally requires two people:

          A - Remove the battery for safety reasons

          B - Have helper hold the impact driver down to a table or bench and really hold it down well. Note: If yo have a good way to do it, strap it down to a table or bench. You won't need a helper that way, but normally just having someone hold it down is less trouble.

          C - Using regular slip joint pliers or small size tongue & groove (Channlock type) pliers, pull hard on the collar and also grab the hex bit as best as you can with a small pair of ViseGrip pliers and pull hard. You need to first pull hard on the collar and then while pulling it hard also try pulling out the hex bit. If you just can't get anywhere a power tool service center should be able to get it out easy.

          Hints: If you can get a good grab on the hex bit somehow, wiggle it while pulling. Penetrating oil such a Kroil, Blaster or WD40 can help so if you have some give it a try. Once done you can wipe it off.

          Please do NOT try powering this tool again until you get the bit out. You'll either injure someone or damage the tool.

          ViseGrip pliers come in several sizes and jaw styles. I would go with regular jaws but a small size about like these. They are very handy to have so they make a nice tool investment.

          If you can find a pair of ViseGrip # 09T - 5WR they are little gems. Think of nice Vise Grip pliers in a mini size. Do use what you have first and good luck. You may not want to go getting any new tools, but if you're into good tools, I can't recommend these enough.
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