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Does X3 hammer drill have a metal gearbox?

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  • Does X3 hammer drill have a metal gearbox?

    I am about to order the new X3 hammer drill and I was told that no other drill except for the new makita's have an all metal gear box. Just wondering if that is true, and does that include the Ridgid X3.

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    Re: Does X3 hammer drill have a metal gearbox?

    Be careful about manufacturers claiming to have an all metal gear box. Most of them use plastic parts to hold these metal gears in place, which means after just a few drops the gears could easily become misaligned and malfunction as a result.

    The only manufacturer that truly has all metal construction (gears and shell) is Bosch and the tool is basically industructable as a result.

    Hope this helps.


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      Re: Does X3 hammer drill have a metal gearbox?

      Even Makita's newest offering "BHP454" has a plastic shifting ring that connects to the selector lever by way of another piece of plastic supported by two small springs. It may or may not prove to be a point of failure, but time will tell.

      I have a brand new Bosch CLPK40 Litheon kit sitting here that I bought from Lowes which has the newer 37618 Litheon Brute hammer drill included in the kit along with the matching Litheon Reciprocating Saw, Circular Saw, Flash Light, two 18V Litheon FlatPack batteries, the charger, blades, bits and the carrying case, but I'm having second thoughts about opening it and might just sell it. I had every intention if putting this kit to work as another test kit to try out, but things are a bit tight for us at the moment and it's probably better that I sell this kit and put the money to better use.

      DeWALT's newest 18V hammer drills DCD950 and DCD970 have an all metal gearbox and a much better design than previous DeWALT hammer drills. I bought a number of the DeWALT DCX4230 kits which had the DC927 hammer drill + DC827 impact driver + nano batteries + charger. My guys wanted something new even though our Hitachi cordless power tools have served us very well in my opinion. I also bought some Milwaukee M12 and M18 cordless power tools and some DeWALT cordless power tools for them to try out and we all pretty much had a love / hate relationship with the DC927 hammer drill. I ended up selling all 5 of our DC927's, but the DC827 impact drivers have been GREAT and have become our favorite impact driver! I just received our first DeWALT DCD950 hammer drill and it feels MUCH better balanced than the DC927. I've got 3 more DCD950's coming in the next week. It will be a while before we know how well they perform and hold up for us, but this tool looks very promising to me.

      One of the things that sold me on the newer DeWALT hammer drills is that they feature a solid (non-drilled) spindle with the Heavy Duty Rohm Supra SK self tightening chuck. That's what originally sold me on the DC927, but the DC927 was poorly balanced and reminded us how much we missed the LED work light and the ergonomics of our Hitachi hammer drills. The DeWALT DCD950 and DCD970 hammer drills have greatly improved balance + ergonomics and they also feature a LED work light. It also features the same solid spindle and the heavy duty Rohm Supra SK self tightening chuck and an all metal gearbox with a super tough Xenoy body / case. As far as I know, Makita, Ridgid, Hitachi, Milwaukee, etc, all use a drilled spindle with a reverse threaded keeper bolt to secure the chuck. The solid spindle design is going to be stronger than a drilled spindle, which means it should hold up better over the long haul if you're doing lots of hammer drilling or if the tools is dropped on the chuck, etc.

      I can't tell you much about the X3, but there are a lot of good hammer drill choices out there including Ridgid, Milwaukee, DeWALT, Makita, Hitachi, etc. Our Hitachi DV18DL hammer drills have served us well and I think the new DeWALT DCD950's will also serve us well over the next couple years. I also liked the Milwaukee M18 2611 for the few weeks I used it and would probably be happy with any of these tools (except the DC927 ).