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Hitachi LIthium Ion Battery Warranty

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  • Hitachi LIthium Ion Battery Warranty

    Now this is a warranty! I don't find anything on their website to indicate that the battery would be pro-rated. It looks to be a pure replacement. I guess lith-ion battery technology is pretty reliable.

    Hitachi Power Tools Announces New 10-Year lithium Ion Warranty

    Hitachi Power Tools today announced its new 10-Year Lithium Ion Tool warranty. Every Hitachi cordless power tool is designed to the highest standards and is rigorously tested for both performance and durability. Hitachi is proud to offer an exclusive 10-year Lithium Ion tool warranty to the original purchaser on HXP Lithium Ion cordless tools.

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    Re: Hitachi LIthium Ion Battery Warranty

    [quote=killavolt;217100]Now this is a warranty![quote]

    TEN years for the Hitachi batteries seems to be a good number! My Ridgid 18V is in its 6th year and improvements to newer tools looks more interesting every year: lighter,more speeds/torque, LED, lithium etc. If only Hitachi styling can become a bit more conventional looking........


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      Re: Hitachi LIthium Ion Battery Warranty

      I would suspect it is on the tool only and not the battery. A battery lasting 10 years is not really believable or realistic.


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        Re: Hitachi LIthium Ion Battery Warranty

        10 years is not realistic for any battery, especially lithium ion, their capacity degrades over time by itself, whether you use the batteries or not. I've had cell phone lithium ion batteries last about 5 years of useful life.


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          Re: Hitachi LIthium Ion Battery Warranty

          1 Year on the Charger
          2 Years on the Battery
          10 Years on the Tool