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Stuck drill bit

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  • Stuck drill bit

    I've got an older 18v x2 drill that I've had for quite
    a while now. No problems till a couple of weeks ago
    when I tried to release the bit from the drill and nothing
    moved. The chuck won't move, the bit doesn't wobble,
    nothing. Now I have a drill with bit that I can't change.
    Anyone have this problem or is it just me?

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    Re: Stuck drill bit

    All you need is 20 more drills with the bits you need locked in them.

    I've had a steel chuck get tight in it's function but never permanent. Always been able to get it free.

    Keyless chuck? Have you put some Channellocks on it and tried to spin it? Put some penetrating oil on the bit near the chuck with the bit point upwards so the oil can run down?



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      Re: Stuck drill bit

      I had this happen with a 1/2" bit in a Porter Cable drill with a keyless chuck. I was drilling into somthing thick and the bit got bound up, I got it out in reverse but the chuck wouldn't open. I did get it open with a large vise grip and a pair of pump pliers on the two halves of the chuck in opposite directions. A second set of hands would have been helpful.