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24 V XLI battery problem

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  • 24 V XLI battery problem

    I finally spurged mid February and bought the 24 Volt Lithium Ion 3 piece kit. I charged both batteries, test ran and they worked. We started work 2 days ago and after charging both batteries one died imediately. The other worked half a day drilling holes for Tap-Con screws and I was impressed. When trying to charge the bad battery the charging light (red) flashes. The battery is at room temp about 65 deg F. Over night charging it reads full when removed from the charger and after 20 minutes (not used) the charge level light flashes once at the lowest level.

    I sent in my warrantee card, copy of sales slip 3 days after purchase. I can bring it to the Ridgid service location in Providence but I'm wondering will I have problems getting a new battery? How long will I have to wait?

    I used my hammer drill all day drilling 3/16" holes in concrete. Very pleased. Used the sawsall a little and it seems to be an animal. Very pleased. Just bought the 1/4 impact and it seems to mirror the performance of a Makita 12V "but" very brief test comparison. Need to run both side to side all day to see which wins out. The Ridgid is heavy which is only negative so far.

    Thanks for any guess as to how long replacement will take.


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    Re: 24 V XLI battery problem

    I had to take mine in a few months ago and it took about 2 weeks to get replacements. If your local HD has any more sets, you could return yours and get another set.