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New Wet Tile Saw WTS2000L

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    Re: New Wet Tile Saw WTS2000L

    Porcelain tile is very dense; you need a porcelain/glass cutting blade. MK makes several very good blades for this purpose. Also after you finish the cut you should use a tile stone to smooth the cut edge if it’s a visible edge.


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      Re: New Wet Tile Saw WTS2000L

      While you end up with two pieces of tile, you actually aren't cutting it, you are grinding through it. Don't force it, let the saw and the blade do the work. The water is for lubrication and cooling the blade, whether it's clean or dirty it really doesn't matter. Chipping usually happens if you force the tile too fast or, the carriage is out of square to the blade, which on a tile saw is probably what's happening. Check square just like a table saw. Generally the carriage rides on rails that you can adjust. If your blade is wobbling, just like a table saw the arbor bearing has worn out and needs to be replaced. However make sure that you have the blade washer on correctly. I'm not familiar with the Ridgid but on an MK there is a right and a wrong side of the washer and if installed wrong the blade will wobble and make all kinds of funny noises. Also diamond blades sometimes come as a directional blade with an arrow or other marking for direction of rotation, I know most MK's do. Look in the flooring department for a diamond tile blade, it's floorings product and only ends up in the tool dept. if someone screwed up.