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Ridgid TS3650 Motor noise and vibration

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  • Ridgid TS3650 Motor noise and vibration

    I'm totally at a loss. My TS started makeing this bad vibration noise from the motor the other day. I went through the motor installation processes again to ensure belt tention and alignment. Everything is up to spec.

    When I take the belt off and spin the pully, there is a rattling inside. I have no idea what this is. Additionally, when the motor is running there seems to be a metalic clicking noice inside of the motor.

    There doesn't seem to be any loss of power so far, but would like to figure this out before I cause any real damage. Ohh and eliminating the extream vibration would be nice as well.

    Please any sugestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks..


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    Re: Ridgid TS3650 Motor noise and vibration

    Sounds like to me the bearings went out of the pulley shaft .....Thank goodness we have a lifetime service agreement, or am I speaking out of turn here and you dont?