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Tripping problem-R6903cfa oil free pneumatic hub-2 nailer combo

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  • Tripping problem-R6903cfa oil free pneumatic hub-2 nailer combo

    Just purchased the R6903cfa oil free pneumatic hub-2 nailer combo (the compressor w/ the toolbook on the top). For $199 I thought it was a steal. Now....if I could just get the thing to work in 90% of my house it would classify as a bargain.

    I'm having similar problems as others have had w/ compressors.

    The compressor starts up fine, regardless of the outlet in my home I plug it into. Problem is when the motor kicks back on to repressurize the motor sputters a bit & the reset kicks in.

    I have tried on multiple outlets in my home - most of the breakers are 20amp, there are a few 15 amp breakers. The compressor pulls 9.6 amps.

    The only two outlets I have had luck with are the two GFCI outlets- one external outlet & the GFCI outlets in the bathroom. I have a GFCI extension cord - but the compressor will not work on any of the non-GFCI outlets w/ the GFCI extension cord (the cord is only 6-feet long).

    Coincidence that the two new breakers in the house are the one's I can get the compressor to work on? The two new breakers are < 1 year old. I'm assuming the other breakers are circa 1978?

    Any ideas?